Culinary Inspired Flavors

Made with only the freshest ingredients, such as sun-riped tomatoes, crisp garden herbs and fiery chili peppers, our delicious, on-trend sauces deliver that burst of full, bold flavor. 

Let our experienced R & D team formulate your sauces to meet the dietary needs of your customers while still maintaining the taste they crave. From Reduced Sodium to Non-GMO, Organic to Halal, we’ve got it all,  and everything in between. 

Inspired by global tastes or developed as a mainstream favorite,  our extensive line of sauces, marinades and glazes are ready to go or tweak them to meet your unique specifications.


Smokey, sweet or spicy and everything in between…our Barbecue sauces win “Best of Show” awards throughout North America.

 Choose from Regional BBQ favorites like Kansas City Hickory, Kentucky Bourbon, Tennessee Molasses, Texas Mesquite, Carolina Mustard, Canadian Maple BBQ and more…


From mainstream to emerging trends, we’ve got all the popular flavors of wing sauces. As a primary processor of aged cayenne peppers, we provide the perfect starting point for your next signature flavor.

For a twist on the traditional, try our Extra Buttery Buffalo or our Spicy Sriracha Garlic Sauce.


Today’s consumers are more adventurous than ever before. Tastes that were once considered exotic are now the norm.

At Giraffe, we know that the demand for international flavors is growing. Our Global Sauce portfolio includes flavors inspired by regional cuisines from the Far and Middle East, Southeast Asian, South Americas and Caribbean Islands.


Get ready to think outside the pizza box. Dips are the perfect add on for any kind of pizza and a great upsell item.

Our dips are made from freshly chopped ingredients such as oregano, garlic and basil. Add pure olive oil, farm fresh eggs, and juicy, ripe tomatoes for a dip that becomes a must-have item for every order.

Choose from Traditional Marinara, Creamy Garlic, Jalapeno Ranch or Homestyle Ranch to compliment your pizza.


Our FreshPack Dessert Decadences take your cake and pies to new levels of rich indulgence. 

Choose from kettle-cooked Creamy Caramel, Maple Cinnamon, Raspberry Coulis, Rich Milk Chocolate and more. 

Made with real fruit and juices,  our FreshPack(tm) Real Fruit Fillings complete your cakes and pies. Choose from FreshPack(tm) Strawberry,  Cherry,  Blueberry, Lemon,  Key Lime and more.