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Innovative Culinary Flavor Solutions

As a trusted leader in custom manufacturing, we create delicious value-added food products that make your brand unique and wow your consumers’ senses. From ideation to formulation and commercialization, we work with you through every step to create your perfect custom flavor solution in a sauce, dressing, dip, marinade or drizzle.

We Have a Passion for Flavor

Our team includes food scientists, chefs, culinary experts, and just plain foodies. We each bring our unique background and skillset to the table, but we are united by a love of delicious food and a desire to help our clients achieve their culinary visions.

No Matter Your Flavor Destination,
We Can Guide You There

When you partner with us, we share a common goal: to deliver an incredible flavor experience to your end-user. Your product should enhance your customer’s life and build your brand reputation. We’re here to make that happen for you – let’s talk flavor! 

Who We Serve 

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Travel the world and eat at any restaurant, order street food, or browse the markets and grocery stores, and you’ll find signature sauces, dips, dressings, drizzles, marinades, and more. The love of delicious sauces is universal, crossing all cultures, dayparts, and food segments.

Long story short: no matter your industry or sector, if you want to thrill your customers with an unforgettable sauce, we’re there for you.

When it comes to custom flavors, a one-size-fits-all approach never delivers the best results. Because we take the time to understand your company, your customers, market, and application, we can help you craft a distinctive value-added product.

Follow the links below to learn how we apply our experience and understanding of not only sauces but also consumers and industry to every application.

salmon with mushroom sauce

                                                 What We Do

Hummus dips

We’re more than just a custom sauce manufacturer — we like to think of ourselves as “flavor adventure guides”. And a good guide is there with you from start to finish.

A sample itinerary begins with us working with you to determine your flavor destination: what is your ideal custom sauce, dip, dressing, drizzle, or marinade? Once we know where we’re heading, we’ll explore the endless flavor possibilities for your customized product, fine-tuning along the way to ensure you meet the highest standards for regulatory and nutritional compliance and lock in critical certifications, including Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, and Halal.

When you’re happy with your custom sauce formulation, our state-of-the-art production facility is set up for versatility and complete control over inputs. As your packaging partner, we’ll help you choose the optimal packaging to help your custom sauce look, taste, and perform its best. And when it’s time to hit the road, count on us, as the ultimate sauce supplier, to deliver the final product when and where you need it across North America.

Follow the links below to learn more about every step of our comprehensive partnership process.

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         Who We Are

people enjoying food at table

We love food – all kinds of food. That’s at the heart of our vision to explore new, diverse and exciting foods together.

Giraffe Foods is an industry leader in developing custom flavors, including private label sauce manufacturing, for industrial, retail, foodservice, and bakery applications. We’ve been around for 25+ years, and everything we’ve learned in that time, we apply to each new challenge.

What differentiates us from other custom sauce manufacturers? For starters, we do it all, from first concept to a finished custom flavor solution you will be proud of. We love to collaborate with our clients, too. We’ll never try to shoehorn your concept into a premade base; we work with you to create custom flavors unique to your needs and to enhance the food value.

We’ve built our company around our core values: Relationships, Solutions, Trust, Agility, Ingenuity, and Capabilities. We apply them to every partnership, and we live and breathe them every day.

Discover the Giraffe Foods story, including the legend behind the name, and you’ll see why our passion for great taste makes us your ideal partner in custom flavor journey.

Begin Your Culinary Adventure

Now that you know more about us and what all we can do, it’s time to set the wheels in motion. Get in touch with us today about creating your brand-building signature custom sauce, dip, drizzle, or marinade.

The first step towards your new flavor horizon is just a click away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, so we invite you to learn more about our capabilities and collaborative approach to custom sauce development. Check our FAQ section to see if the answers you’re looking for are there. And if they aren’t — or if your answers lead to more questions — just reach out through our Contact Us page.

Do you also make dressings, marinades and vinaigrettes?

Yes, we do! As a trusted leader in private label sauce manufacturing and supplying we can make all types of dressings, marinades and vinaigrettes. For example, blue cheese dressing for your wings and carrot sticks at the deli counter, to a jerk marinade for a summer BBQ, or an Asian Sesame vinaigrette to go with your cold noodle to-go bowl.

Does Giraffe Foods manufacture creamy sauces too?

Yes, we are able to quickly cool products which allows us to craft as well as gravies. Explore the endless possibilities with our new favorite custom sauce, Alfr-esto, the perfect combination of a creamy cheesy Alfredo with fresh pesto, or add luxury to your dish with a classic Mornay sauce on lobster. Whatever your food vision is, Giraffe Foods helps you manufacture your ideal creamy sauce.

How does Giraffe Foods ensure quality?

We have received Excellent audit scores in our annual SQF audits. We are a certified custom and private label food and sauce manufacturer with industry-leading GMPs, helping to serve you better. To ensure quality standards of private label sauce manufacturing, we provide small-batch custom sauce formulation services to refine your product to match your taste as well as technical requirements prior to full production.

Our quality assurance team is dedicated to continuous improvement, reviewing your sauces and packaging before orders reach you or your customers. Our R&D and production team uses the highest quality of ingredients sourced from the best suppliers across the world – making sure your food tastes extraordinary. 

How long does it take Giraffe Foods to develop a custom sauce?

On average, we require seven to ten business days for your first custom-flavored sauce sample. Once approved, we manufacture and supply your sauces/dressings/dips/marinades to market in a matter of weeks*.

Talk to our food guides today to learn more about sauce manufacturing and delivery timelines.    

*Delivery timeframe is subject to change pending ingredient and packaging availability, adjustments, storage and shipping solutions, certification considerations, and other regulatory requirement needs.

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