Create a custom sauce

unique to your brand, while maintaining consistency

across multiple locations

What’s Your Fine-Dine Appeal?

Our chefs create food concepts to enhance your customers’ experience! Our knowledge of food and customers trends help us to provide you with the right foodservice solutions.

Chef-Inspired Custom Flavors

Whether it’s sweet, sour, or spicy, we exceed your guests’ expectations with a variety of custom flavored sauces, dips, and dressings, drizzles and marinades. We offer simple solutions for creating custom sauces, which save on labor costs and offer consistency across your brand, allowing you to be in control of the full dining experience. We love creating comfortable yet unique condiments to bring a surprise element to your food having your customers visit you over and over again. Some of our innovations are totally food-worthy – Alabama White BBQ Sauce, Butter Buffalo, Yucatán Marinade, Yuzu-Toasted Coconut Glaze, White Wine & Herb Sauce, Gourmet Marinara!

Global Flavors

Consumers are increasingly enjoying global flavors! Open up a world of endless possibilities to your guests leveraging our expertise in curating fusion sauces combining authentic and new ingredients.

We are known for unearthing hidden gems from across the world like upcoming Rocoto Peppers, Harissa, Gochujang, Sambal Oelek to make products which will leave your customers wanting more. We take care of your versatile menu – from vegan dressings for health-conscious customers to families looking forward to unwinding over some wine and seafood to friends feasting over pizzas. Whatever the occasion, we have something unique for you.

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