Create a custom sauce

unique to your brand, while maintaining consistency

across multiple locations.

Elevate your Fine-Dine Appeal

Every restaurant has its own passionate food story. We help you narrate yours to your guests with every meal you serve. We make the best food guides with our vast knowledge of the ever-changing food landscape and technical know-how. Our talented team of chefs, product developers and R&D professionals go above and beyond to enhance your customer’s sensory experience.

We understand your business and customers, and can help you to – 

Build a versatile menu with custom-flavor solutions

Add authentic globally flavored foods – whether you offer Mexican, Cuban, Peruvian, Indian, Mediterranean or an All-Day Breakfast. Our flavored sauces, dips, dressings, drizzles and marinades are custom-made to bring product consistency in taste, texture, aroma, color and more, allowing you to be in control of the full dining experience, on or off-premise. We love creating comfortable yet unique condiments to help you surprise your guests and encourage them to visit you over and over again. We explore and innovate flavors inspired by different global cultures from around the world to fulfill your customers’ desire to enjoy great custom food. We stock unique peppers like Harissa, Scotch Bonnet, Sambal Oelek, to develop on-trend products and help you deliver a spicy flavor experience. At our Culinary Innovation Center, our chefs are always brewing something new and delicious: Coffee infused BBQ sauces, Jalapeño Ranch, Guacamole, Alabama White BBQ Sauce, Butter Buffalo, Yucatán Marinade, Yuzu-Toasted Coconut Glaze, Butter Chicken, White Wine & Herb Sauce, Gourmet Marinara or dips like Tzatziki, Aji Verde, Salsa de Aji and more.

We’ll make your breakfast taste so good –
they’ll want it all day!

What’s the saying? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start on the right foot?! Our fusion flavors and filling combinations build hearty breakfast options for your customers. Leverage grab-and-go handhelds as they are big opportunities to wow your fans and followers. For example, global handhelds like Cuban Empanadas, Chilean Chacarero sandwich, Lebanese Makanek, Indian Vada Pav, or Italian Trapizzino – the famous cross-over of pizza and tramezzino –  offer inspiration to feature inviting flavors. Serve these with our custom dipping sauces or use them as spreads – Salsa Verde, Cilantro Lime, Herby Sour cream, Coriander-Mint chutney, Sriracha Mayo to add vibrancy and layers of character. Fill custom fruity jams to create in-layer adventures in flaky pastries or drizzle sweet honey on fluffy Japanese pancakes to tempt your diners.

Our agility to manufacture large volumes of custom sauces, dips, dressings, drizzles and curries maximizes the versatility of your menu. Each offering brings out interesting flavors when paired with different dishes, making cooking processes more efficient and lowering everyday stress. Let’s think about it…

Make a scrumptious Asian Tofu bowl with Hot Honey Teriyaki, spice up those steamed pork dumplings with this dip or drizzle it over a baked salmon.

Use our Mango Habanero sauce as a dip or a marinade for chicken wings, or dial up cauliflower wings with this spicy-sweet sauce. You could do the same with Sweet Chili or Chimichurri.

Add fresh vibes to your salad with Pesto Pasta, or use it to bring a twist to the ordinary grab ‘n’ go egg-mayo sandwich.

Get curious with pizza toppings and explore global flavors like juicy chunks of butter chicken, or fire up a Hawaiian pizza with a sticky spicy BBQ sauce.

Dressings or Vinaigrettes – add flavor to a bowl of leafy greens with an Asian Goma dressing bursting with notes of ginger, and toasted sesame. Or a classic creamy Caesar dressing with parmesan, garlic, and black pepper. One of our favorites that can dress up any salad (no pun intended) is the Champagne Vinaigrette—perfect for a light lunch or home date-night meal.

The foodservice industry continually challenges our imagination, because your customers want comfortable food options with a touch of newness. We have endless ideas and products that can help you expand your offerings, increase profitability – and add room to innovate further. We always start with your customers: understanding them, their lifestyles and their eating habits, to build better products for you. We work with you to develop fresh takes on familiar, popular food formats and builds, like pizza, sandwiches, wings and tacos, to introduce up-and-coming, trending flavors. In a nutshell, from start to finish, our culinary team helps you find new flavors to reinvent traditional concepts while improving your kitchen efficiency.

Overcome productivity challenges

As we guide you to find solutions to up your flavor game, our production and supply-chain teams aggressively work to meet your needs on time, every time. At Giraffe Foods, we understand that the business should run like clockwork. That’s why we become your extended team, to help you overcome short and long-term challenges while adding value to your business throughout the value-chain:

Using ingredients available from the kitchen pantry helps you expand your menu without expanding your staff, saving fixed costs and space.

Large volume, custom-made sauces that are pre-prepared can speed up your scratch-cooking recipes without compromising on quality – resulting in reduced overall operation costs, maintaining taste, texture and consistency that your patrons love.

Our collaborative Ideation sessions at our Culinary Innovation Center help you taste varieties of applications and show you how we can partner. Learn more about our collaborative approach here.

We know you’re looking for a strategic partner – not just a custom-sauce manufacturer – and at Giraffe Foods, we’re trained and experienced to understand your business’s immediate requirements, intermediate goals and long-term visions. With us, you can take the next big step in your culinary journey.

69% of operators want products to ease preparation and execution
(Kinetic 12 Q1, 2022)

28% of operators believe in consumer trends and insights-based innovation
(Kinetic 12 Q1, 2022)


46% of operators want to reduce the back-of-the-house labor costs
(Kinetic 12 Q1, 2022)

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