Meal Kit

Bring unique flavors and ingredients right to your consumer with custom-made sauce, dressings, dips and more.


Think out-of-the-box

Meal kits are a gateway for consumers to experience big and bold exotic flavors and foods. Our custom-made chef inspired sauces, dips, dressings and drizzles allow consumers to explore restaurant quality meals and become their own chef in the comfort of their home. Our in-house innovation team guides and customizes your food journeys that will appeal to all lifestyles.

Our team of product developers help you craft winning custom-solutions across different meal kit formats and day parts. From grab and go, to ready to eat meals to a hybrid model, where consumers can enjoy a little more hands-on cooking. For example, our Butter Chicken curry added to your meal kit will make a melt-in-mouth velvety chicken dish ready in no time without searching for key ingredients like Garam Masala. Similarly, we have a solution for all of product categories, like smoky & savory BBQ sauces, trending salad dressings, creamy pasta sauces or indulgent dessert sauces allowing your customers to explore global and fusion flavors, and experiment with hard-to-find ingredients. Our custom-made products are sure to help you increase the subscription rates or rebuy whether they are a fan of meal-kits or semi-to-fully prepared items at their grocery chains.  

Delicious meal kits are the answers to the age-old question “What’s for dinner?”. They also make a one-stop shop for soul-satisfying meals for your consumers without leaving the comfort of cooking in their own kitchen – easy to follow recipes, fresh or prepared ingredients packed in easy to use and measured portion pouches or cups. From BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches to Turkish Spiced Chicken with yogurt sauce or enjoying seasoned rice with Enchiladas topped with guacamole and salsa – we add sensory experience in a box full of foods and flavors.

At Giraffe Foods, we know the value of versatility of driving flavor through sauces, whether they are finishing sauces, pastes to be worked into cooking or simmer sauces, we want to work with you to create! To whet your appetite, our Korean-inspired Gochujang is vibrantly flavored with fermented peppers. It makes a sweet and spicy sauce with the use of ginger, chilis, soybean and garlic. This trending irresistible sauce is what makes these dishes must-haves on the menu –


Korean-Style Sweet Chili Chicken

Sesame Shrimp Stir-Fry

Vegetable Chow Mein with Tofu

From proteins like chicken, beef or seafood, or transforming a regular vegan or vegetarian dish into extraordinary – our premium tasting products make delicious accessible to your consumers. With the changing dietary and lifestyle needs, we can adapt and customize any formulation to meet your requirements.

42% of consumers expect signature
sauce flavors in meal kit that they
cannot get elsewhere

(WM Strategy, 2020)

64% of meal kit buyers are either
Millennials or Gen X consumers

(The Recipe Guru, 2020)

37% of consumers cite sourcing of ingredients as the biggest issue
(Winsight Grocery Business, 2020)