Connect with your customers in their homes and refrigerators with custom flavored private-label retail sauces, dressings, dips or drizzles.


Build Your Brand

Let’s elevate the retail experience. Bring customers your carefully crafted and branded private label right to the shelves of their local grocery store. Give them exceptional products that build vibrant memories – and prompt repeat purchases.

barbecue sauces

Personalization is Key

Nothing says “I care” more than a delicious home-cooked meal with sauces made to match a customer’s flavor. Build familiarity with your brand and spark excitement  by developing premium retail products your customers will come back for over and over again. Turn your products into their go-to flavor makers, with certified callouts like vegan, organic or kosher to suit their everyday lifestyles and dietary habits. Your partnership with us will help you inspire your customers to bond with you over big ‘n’ bold flavors either packed in bottles, jars, or as a value-add to fresh or frozen foods.

barbecue sauces
Tomato sauce and basil in glass jars

Made Just For You

Are you ready to take your customers on a culinary safari? Then come aboard for our nonstop global-flavor journey, where together we’ll push creative boundaries to explore the flavors of tomorrow. We continuously innovate, try, test and taste products based on industry and consumer insights to help you navigate the evolving flavor landscape. For instance, today we’re watching the flower power of hibiscus travel from beverages to salad vinaigrettes and coffee showing up in BBQ sauces. Work with our R&D and Culinary team to create fun, flavor-forward sauces, dips, dressings, drizzles and marinades, adding joy to their cooking, not stress. And with our customized packaging solutions, you’ll be boosting your own brand with ready-to-use, private-label food products.

waffles with bananas, blueberries and maple syrup

Adding Global Flavors
to Fresh & Frozen

Your consumers aren’t always in the mood to cook, but that shouldn’t stop them from enjoying delicious meals. They’re always on the lookout for intriguing, on-trend cuisines with complementary flavors that taste exactly like food from their favorite restaurants. We can help you serve the sensations they love most, starting with a collaborative Ideation session at our newly launched Culinary Innovation Center. Get a front-row seat to witness your food vision coming to life. Our process promises you the freedom to keep exploring more, to suit the ever-changing demands of consumers – whether they love spicy, sweet, savory or umami, we’ll help custom craft it for you to elevate every food journey:

waffles with bananas, blueberries and maple syrup

Breakfast ready – frozen breakfast has come a long way! We help you re-invent – waffles with hot honey drizzles or floral syrups, biscuits with herbed-butter, toaster strudel or croissants filled with custom fruit jams or chocolate sauce. Add our sauce packets, dip cups and pouches to your grab-n-go sandwiches for easy to-go application options.

From land to sea—we customize it all, from shrimp rings to tiger prawns with out-of-the-box pairings and comforting classics. How about horseradish straight from the farm? Add a cocktail sauce, tartar sauce or remoulade! Or layer-in adventurous flavors with marinades like Herby-Lemon, Chili-Garlic, Teriyaki or Honey BBQ.

Noodles of love for pasta— all their favorites come alive with irresistible sauces. Macaroni is simply underdressed without our Creamy Cheesy Sauce, spaghetti isn’t ready until it’s dolled up in our rich Tomato Basil, and everyone’s favorite penne looks fresh – and tastes fresher – in our

Al-fresto Sauce. (Never heard of Al-fresto before? Ask us why it makes ‘The Pasta Sauce’.)

Looking for a little pick-me-up— refresh your summer and fall drinks menu with our fab flavors like a warm chai syrup, nutty toffee syrup, or the all-time fall favorite pumpkin spice! For fruity flavorings, go tropical mango or lychee, or stick with classics like iced tea or tart lemonade for smoothies, shakes and slushies. 

Ready to just heat and eat — adding sauce, gravy or curry makes your meal kit a flavor powerhouse. A spicy Tikka Masala, Green or Red Thai Curry, zesty sweet and salty Panang Curry, earthy, garlicky Teriyaki Sauce, or rich Bordelaise Gravy to leverage the surge of consumer interest in authentic foods.

Finger-licking goodness—add easy line extensions and versatility to wings and ribs with a sticky-sweet Hickory Bourbon BBQ Sauce or,  smoky Buffaloadobo Sauce – or dive straight into one of our spicy signatures like Korean BBQ or tangy-tart Yuzu Sauce.

Great for one or with friends— you guessed it, Pizza! Torn between two loves? Choose both, with a Japanese Katsu Curry pizza topped with succulent shrimp. Or take sides in the pineapple-pizza controversy with a real Hawaiian indulgence: Jalapeno Chutney, crispy Spam and fresh green onions. Keep the surprises coming – like a Thai-inspired chicken pizza chicken topped with our sweet and spicy Garlic Chili Sauce. And don’t waste a crumb of that crispy, golden-brown crust – dip it into a creamy Roasted Garlic Aioli or Spicy Buffalo Sauce.

Tempt the sweet tooth – add a Raspberry Coulis pouch with a frozen cheesecake or our sweet-salty Caramel Sauce for a complete ready-to-eat pudding. Make these sweet sauces available in bottles for a broad range of applications.

korean raman

The Trend Seekers

Customers are intrigued by Insta-worthy trending foods and flavors – so be the next food destination to heighten all their senses with our custom-crafted sauces. Our culinary experts will guide you with the finest flavors, tempting textures and post-able private label food trends. Explore through popular consumer trends:

Fermented Flavors – Hot sauce, soy sauce and apple cider vinegar have one thing in common; they are a result of an age-old method of ‘fermentation’. Bringing umami to your meal, fermented sauces are traditionally made with key ingredients that are blended and allowed to age to develop a deep flavor and natural acidity. Fan favorites include Gochujang, which brings a unique sweet heat to a dish, the familiar brightness of Apple Cider Vinaigrette for  Mediterranean salad and the use of soy sauce in a delicious Korean staple—Bulgogi Marinade. To add private label fermented products to your flavor-building tool kit, connect with us today.

Flower Power — 2022 is the year of florals. Up-and-coming flowers like hibiscus, geranium, elderflower, sweet clover and magnolia make subtle additions to trending dressings and vinaigrettes, bringing sophisticated sweet notes to salads and natural novelty to meals. 

Flavor First – Consumers are picking up on healthier food choices but with a ‘Flavor First’ attitude. Sauces, dips, dressings and marinades can provide function – for example, gut benefits from Apple Cider vinegar or Vitamin C from citrus-based dressings – yet their appeal continues to come mainly from great taste.

Versatility is Key – You achieve this with our ‘Collaborate-Customize-Create’ approach. Let’s innovate together – may be use our Sweet Chili Garlic sauce as a spicy, earthy and garlicky finish to your Asian bowl, top your frozen pizza with Butter Chicken flavored sauce or add heat to a mezze platter with Rocoto Pepper dips– all are winners.

frozen breakfast icon

311% growth in searches of frozen
breakfast sandwiches, shift
towards at-home consumption.

(Baking Business, 2021)

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Top 5 growing fresh categories –
deli salads, prepared meals &
sides, deli soups and chili.
(IRI Repost, 2021)

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Hot, BBQ, Salsa are the top
three flavor components
in table sauces.
(Mintel, 2021)