Custom Sauce Ideation

Join us for a collaborative custom sauce ideation session, where we try great flavors and experiment with trendy ingredients.

Collaborate. Customize. Create.

Begin your custom culinary adventure with a collaborative ideation session to develop the perfect custom hot, BBQ or other sauce flavor solutions. Use this consultation to share your vision for developing a unique, customized flavor solution that will tantalize the taste buds. We’ll strategize which of the basic taste sensations – sweet, sour, salt, bitter, and savory – will need to be incorporated and consider which ingredients can best achieve your goals in creating a perfect custom sauce. Related elements, such as aroma, consistency, fluidity, coloration, and pungency will also be evaluated. This ideation session should be utilized to visualize and taste your custom made hot, BBQ or other sauce.

Potential food pairings with your custom sauces are an obvious one, as a perfect sauce, marinade, dressing or dip needs to complement the food it’s paired with rather than supplanting it. Are there any desired caloric or fat content limitations, or perhaps other food health-related goals such as heart-healthy or gluten-free? All in all, we want to know every detail of your vision so that we can create a work of culinary artistry that will wow the taste buds and meet all of your custom-made sauce goals.

Based on what we learn during this collaborative ideation session, our highly qualified chefs and product developers will entice your senses with a culinary demonstration of tailor-made samples designed to further nail down your vision. Once we’ve presented your taste buds with just the right custom hot, BBQ or other sauce solution based on your parameters that you absolutely love, we’ll move forward with developing a detailed formulation. And it won’t stop there…but you’ll have to trust us to find out.

Experiment with different flavor notes for your custom sauce. Here are some of our favorites:

Custom Smoky Suaces

Smoky & Savory 

Whether a custom formulation BBQ sauce, branded sauces for cooking, or custom sauces for dipping or covering, you want your smoky & savory sauces, dips, dressings, and marinades to be distinctive but not overpowering. Many mass-produced smoky & savory sauces are so pungent that they tend to become the only distinctive flavor in a dish. But we create smoky & savory custom sauces that perfectly complement targeted foods and dishes without overwhelming their inherent flavors.

Au jus
Coconut Curry
Butter Chicken

Pizza Sauce
Marinara Sauce
Smoky Mustard
Smoky BBQ
Smoky Sriracha
Chipotle Hot Sauce

Custom Smoky Suaces

Hot & Spicy

Mass-produced hot & spicy sauces tend to be overpowering. We strive to create customized hot sauces that deliver the desired kick, but without totally obscuring other flavors. Our custom hot sauces can be tailored to deliver a wide variety of heat, from delicate and subtle to fiery and immediate. We can adjust the heat levels as desired and let you show your customers that hot & spicy flavoring is not only about the heat.

Habanero Hot Sauce
Buffalo Sauce
Pasilla Chilaca
Pepper BBQ
Korean BBQ

 Smoky Sriracha
 Aged Cayenne Hot     
 Kashmiri Curry
 Harissa Sauce

Hot & Spicy Sauces
rich and creamy sauces

Rich & Creamy

Creamy custom sauces add exciting textures and rich flavors to your products. Our quick cooling capabilities allow us to find your custom flavor solution. Whether it be a familiar comfort food like Alfredo Sauce or a more unique application, our custom creamy sauces are sure to leave your customers wanting more.

 Alfredo Sauce
 Alfr-esto Sauce

 Classic Mornay Sauce
Cordon Bleu Sauce
Creamy Mushroom Sauce

rich and creamy sauces

Acidic & Sour

Acidic & sour custom sauces are all about finding the right balance and managing the subtlety of these tasty ingredients in such sauces. Sourness detecting taste buds are among the most sensitive, which means that acidic & sour custom sauces can easily overwhelm the entire taste sensation. As with all of our custom sauces, we strive to create acidic & sour sauces that perfectly complement the foods they’re paired with.

 Lemon Garlic
 Cilantro & Lime
 Orange & Lemongrass   
 Sweet & Sour Sauce

 Caribbean Citrus 
 Cilantro Lime Crema
 Lemon Butter Sauce

Acidic and Sour sauces
sweet sauces

Sweet & Indulgent

A sweet & indulgent custom sauce should delight the taste buds of not only those with a proverbial sweet tooth but also those not typically hankering for sweets. Naturally, sweet-tasting custom sauces will always appeal to children, but most adults have a more refined sense of taste. We deliver the sweet tastes in novel ways with ingredients that activate the sweet taste bud receptors in unique ways.

Chocolate Glaze
Caramel Dip
Cranberry Glaze
Hot Honey

Tres Leches
Fig & Date Sauce
Pumpkin Spice Glaze
Apple-Cinnamon Sauce

sweet sauces

Fruity & Fresh

Our taste buds are highly adept at identifying the freshness of food and at discerning differences between whole food and processed food. In customizing fruity & fresh flavors we always strive to imbibe them with the sensation of farm market-fresh. We create your fruity & fresh custom sauces, dips, dressings, and marinades with a goal of making sure the tastes of their signature fruits are always recognizable by taste and smell alone.

 Mango Sauce
 Apricot BBQ
 Passionfruit Glaze

Orange Glaze
Apple & Onion Glaze
Raspberry Coulis

fruity sauces