Bakery & Dessert

Our sweet sauces make
your baked goods
worth the calories!

Sauces To Make Your Desserts
Out Of This World

Make your customers fall in love at first sight! Our chefs bring your confectionary products to life with our custom flavored fillings, icings, jams, and fruit compotes. We make sauces and syrups to pleasantly surprise the sweet tooth while balancing the complexity of flavors, textures and colors.

Indulge Your Customers

The smell of a freshly baked muffin, croissant or cookie can draw anyone in. Whether that smell is coming from the bakery down the block or right in your own kitchen, Giraffe Foods specializes in elevating your customer’s food experience by adding customized sauces or glazes to make them devilishly good.

Layered With Perfection

Our team of food scientists elevate your handcrafted appeal by layering of sauces to match your brand story. Drizzling icing has never been this smooth with our portion pouches that make this a breeze. These personalized packaging options are the right choice for artisan bakers looking for consistency each and every time.


With us, you create Divine Sauces and spread Bakery-Goodness!

Tell us about what you are looking for, we would love to hear about it! Or together we can work from scratch? What type of bakery items do you manufacture and sell?   
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