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How does Giraffe Foods address allergy concerns?

We discuss all your allergen considerations with you during the consultation phase to understand the requirements in detail. Our account managers then brief our technical teams with the project details – to ensure products are developed following your guidelines. Our SQF program governs our comprehensive allergen protocols.  We are also a nut-free manufacturing facility.

What is the difference between co-packing and custom manufacturing?

As a custom flavor solutions manufacturer, we provide a full-service partnership that researches, develops, and produces custom sauces, dips, dressings, and drizzles for you. Co-packers either receive the finished product to package or make the product but you are responsible for the R&D and production processes.

Our attention to detail ensures your products meet all mandatory regulatory requirements and certifications. We are a trusted custom solutions partner who guides you from the start to a delicious finish.

What is the difference between a sauce and a dip?

We are asked this almost every day! A sauce is something that can be added to any dish, (wait check that – a sauce should be added to EVERY DISH!) to generate flavor.  Like a chili crisp or a Gochujang, or a finishing touch to complete the dish – smooth-silky gravies, fresh pasta sauces and unique BBQ or wings sauces.

Dips on the other hand, are a blend of ingredients, with a thicker consistency mostly served separately to enhance the whole food experience. For example, a punchy Jalapeno Ranch Dip that reminds you of your last trip to Mexico.

A tip from our chef – the answer lies in the final application.

Do you also make dressings, marinades and vinaigrettes?

Yes, we do! A trusted leader in private label sauce manufacturing and supplying we can make all types of dressings, marinades and vinaigrettes. For example, blue cheese dressing for your wings and carrot sticks at the deli counter, to a jerk marinade for a summer BBQ, or an Asian Sesame vinaigrette to go with your cold noodle to-go bowl.

Does Giraffe Foods manufacture creamy sauces too?

Yes, we are able to quickly cool products which allows us to craft as well as gravies. Explore the endless possibilities with our new favorite custom sauce, Alfr-esto, the perfect combination of a creamy cheesy Alfredo with fresh pesto, or add luxury to your dish with a classic Mornay sauce on lobster. Whatever your food vision is, Giraffe Foods helps you manufacture your ideal creamy sauce.

What packaging solutions work best for my product?

Your product and its usage will help us guide you to the right packaging solutions. We provide a wide range of packaging options for Food Manufacturers, Private label for Retail Services, Meal-Kits, and Foodservice in various sizes of:

  • Jars
  • Bottles
  • Pillow and stand-up pouches
  • Dip cups in both clear and custom film for meal-kits, grab and go and foodservice
  • For larger bulk packaging solutions, we can pack your products in totes, drums, and bags-in-boxes

Looking for sustainable packaging solutions? We can guide you, let’s talk.

How does Giraffe Foods ensure quality?

We have received Excellent audit scores in our annual SQF audits. We are a certified custom and private label sauce and food manufacturer with industry-leading GMPs, helping to serve you better. To ensure quality standards of private label sauce manufacturing, we provide small-batch custom sauce formulation services to refine your product to match your taste as well as technical requirements prior to full production.

Our quality assurance team is dedicated to continuous improvement, reviewing your sauces and packaging before orders reach you or your customers. Our R&D and production team uses the highest quality of ingredients sourced from the best suppliers across the world – making sure your food tastes extraordinary.

How long does it take Giraffe Foods to develop a custom sauce?

On average, we require seven to ten business days for your first custom-flavored sauce sample. Once approved, we manufacture and supply your sauces/dressings/dips/marinades to market in a matter of weeks*.

Talk to our food guides today to learn more about sauce manufacturing and delivery timelines.    

*Delivery timeframe is subject to change pending ingredient and packaging availability, adjustments, storage and shipping solutions, certification considerations, and other regulatory requirement needs. 


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