Giraffe Foods Received

FoodShift Program Funding

We are proud to announce that we are one of seven Ontario-based food and beverage 1st round recipients who have been awarded the FoodShift program funding to help accelerate clean technology adoption in Canada. We have been selected to receive funding for the adoption of clean technologies into our operations in support of the transition toward a net-zero future. The support provided by this funding will enable us to explore and integrate innovative products and technologies into our food and beverage processing operations.

The program aims to encourage the adoption of new and innovative technologies to enhance efficiency and reduce carbon footprints in the food and beverage processing sector. The FoodShift program acts as a catalyst for the transition to a green economy while reducing the sector’s carbon footprint.

Thanks to Government of Canada, Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, and Bioenterprise Canada for helping us achieve this.

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Giraffe Foods Received FoodShift Program Funding

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