Frozen Breakfast Foods – 3 of Our Favorites

Breakfast bowl with fruit, yogurt, and granola

More than ever, consumers are embracing pre-packaged and frozen foods that help make it easy to discover unique brands, novel food formats, and global flavors. This is where we help you help them find their next flavor destination.

Know where they’re headed – and what they’ll do when they get there 

When today’s busy consumers buy food, they’re also buying convenience – they go for innovative flavors, formats, packaging, and ingredients. Our delicious value-adds, including custom sauces, drizzles, marinades, and dressings, deliver fresh ideas with the same powerful punch as home-cooked meals and the quality of a restaurant.

The frozen aisle is now “the place of interest and discovery,” where consumers find the right mix of meals – from single-serve to family-size, comfort foods to the exciting and exotic. Meal-prep fatigue is real, and it also can drive your customers’ longing for interesting and unique, authentic flavors, something that will set a brand apart in the crowd. Try adding sauce pouches to elevate a frozen protein to a fine dining experience, or bring global adventure to your appetizers with trending spicy dips.

22% of consumers purchase frozen meals to try new cuisines. (Mintel Insights, 2021) 

Tap into the fast-moving frozen-food category –

Frozen foods as a consumer category are moving faster and faster, in part because they allow you to innovate beyond ordinary creative restrictions and, at the same time, live up to your flavor promises. Our research shows adding pouches of sauces, dips, dressings, and marinades can help increase your potential per-unit product prices by 6% – and in some cases (such as protein-centric snacks), boost your revenue by as much as 26% per unit. We’re here to help guide you through growing your business while improving your product line’s consumer appeal, efficiency, and depth –

waffles with berries and syrup

Bowl-‘em-over breakfasts

We’ve found that 54% of consumers look forward to their daily breakfast – and whether sweet or savory, your product can benefit from an abundance of value-added concepts. Many consumers (38%) will go for a handheld breakfast, while a few curious types like to roam around the frozen aisle to find what’s new. Here’re 3 of our favorites for you –

1. Handheld heaven Handheld breakfasts tick all the right boxes – quick, grab-n-go, no cooking involved! Conveniently curb customers’ hunger pangs with a loaded breakfast burrito topped with Mexican herby Salsa Verde and bacon, or cheese biscuit sandwiches with a smoky Chipotle Aioli. People love pizza all day long, so why not introduce an early-morning pizza pocket? Stuff it with eggs, ham, and cheese paired with cool Taco Ranch sauce for the ultimate Tex-Mex spin.


2. A sweet start This showstopper brings simple childhood pleasures into new formats. Add a variety of fruit spreads to frozen scones, or fillings to toaster strudels – like Strawberry, Blueberry, or Mixed Berry. Let consumers get their hands sticky with a fluffy pecan roll slathered in rich, sweet-and-salty, kettle-cooked Caramel Sauce. Want to stay with the classics? We can help create your own Maple Syrup or Cinnamon-infused Maple drizzle to wake up the flavor in a pack of light-and-airy frozen waffles or mini pancakes. Kids will love it!

3. Breakfast bowlsImagine steak and eggs – one of the most loved breakfasts or brunches – only ready to go in a convenient bowl format. Start with sliced tender beef, mixed veggies, and scrumptious scrambled eggs, and top it all with a velvety hot Cayenne Sauce or go easy with Chimichurri Sauce. To turn it into a vegan-friendly option, swap out the meat and egg proteins for tofu or legumes, and drizzle over a Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper sauce. Absolutely delish!


Here are some ways you can switch on the culinary creativity with new, exciting flavor combinations –

Chicken? Don’t be! Try something adventurous like Green Jalapeno Hot Sauce paired with juicy chicken wings, Nashville Hot Sauce to fire up the flavor of crispy chicken strips, or buttermilk-marinated popcorn chicken tossed in sticky Hot Honey. Or apply our Hot Sauce Effect: add zest to chicken dishes with pepper-powered hot sauces made with habaneros, serranos, chipotles, jalapenos, or pasillas.

More fun with fish: Beer-battered fish and chips wouldn’t be the same without classic Tartar Sauce. Or consider creating frozen meal combos with salmon filets, drizzled with our tangy Lemon Dill sauce to top off the temptation, or even tender-toasted coconut tiger shrimp served with Thai Sweet Chili dipping sauce.

Save room for sweets: Add Vanilla Frosting to cinnamon rolls to give your consumers the full bakery experience in a box, or have them drooling over your ooey-gooey chocolate dessert with a bonus Horchata Chocolate sauce pouch.

These sauces and fillings complete the consumer’s breakfast experience: With one purchase, they get all they need for your product’s final store-to-stomach journey. Watch for our next release in this series, “Frozen Snack We All Deserve” in the coming weeks. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletters, make sure you do it now, so you don’t miss our blog updates. Until then snack on!

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