Frozen Snacks We All Deserve

Chicken wings displayed on a dish with sauce on the side

Snacking for lunch, dinner, and everything in between – 

These favorite quick items work equally well as a mid-day or midnight snack, or as an accompaniment to a main dish – and thanks to exotic tastes from all over the world, their popularity’s on the rise. Pair each one with just the right flavor and watch consumers clear the shelves in a blink –

Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Chicken wingsThe ultimate crowd-pleasing finger food and a must-have for game days! Perfect as a carrier of flavors from spicy to sweet to smoky, wings are an instant winner when you’re working to solve multiple flavor combinations and launching LTOs. Toss the wings, hot out of the oven, in a Honey BBQ sauce – sticky sweetness balanced with a refreshing tang. Or turn up the dial on the pepper scale with a Mango Habanero BBQ sauce to combine tropical fruitiness with floral-spice flavor.

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Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

DumplingsLittle half-moon or circular morsels plumped with any number of fillings, from pork and leek to mixed veggies to shrimp, and so on. Although they’re delicious on their own, try elevating their flavor with citrusy Ponzu sauce, Roasted Sesame dipping sauce, or a Sweet Unagi sauce. Simple pleasures all the way from Asia!

Lumpia Ideal as part of an appetizer plate, a movie-night snack, or a fun party platter, lumpia hail from the Philippines and Indonesia. They’re similar to the well-known spring roll, filled with ground pork and crunchy veg and served for dipping with Sweet Sauce, a tangy, zesty Pineapple Lime sauce, or the classic Sweet & Sour sauce.

Mini Cubano pockets Filled with succulent pork and gooey cheese, these maravilloso minis will transport your customers to the beaches of Cuba and Miami. To finish up a fantastic flavor experience, pair them with tangy Dill Pickle Ranch dipping sauce or a strong Mustard Aioli.


Cauliflower bites Cauliflower might be winning the snack game, but not all on its own! It’s the sauces and dips that really make the magic, because these crisp veggie treats taste different with each distinct sauce and dip that’s served with them. Giraffe Foods makes sauces and dressings to fit all kinds of dietary needs and preferences – and for these snacks, that includes Vegan Mayo, Vegan Ranch, and many more. Be sure to give your customers options to toss their bites in, like the familiar Buffalo sauce and an extra dipping sauce to amp up the flavor and the fun.

Cauliflower Bites with vegan ranch dip

SamosasRecently rising to fame worldwide, samosas are crunchy-fried, triangular bites filled with mashed potatoes mixed with mouth watering spices like cumin, garam masala, and turmeric. This traditional Indian snack is best enjoyed with a delectable dipping sauce, like Mint-Cilantro Chutney (which cools and tames the spicy heat), Mango Chutney (for an added sweetness), or bright-and-tasty Tangy Tamarind sauce (our favorite!). 

Be alert for innovation opportunities in these foodie micro-moments, driven by consumers’ craving for new flavor adventures. Not sure how? Reach out to us here.

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