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PERUVIAN CEVICHE SEBICHE. Peruvian seafood and fish sebiche with maize

Flavors are powerful. When paired with the perfect flavor-forward sauce, dressing, or marinade, your new products could take consumers on a journey around the world, from Singapore to Argentina to Puerto Rico and back again! Leverage international flavors to help your adventurous and curious consumers enjoy their modern global lifestyle to the fullest. Giving consumers exciting culinary experiences from different cultures is easy – just add global flavors!

The Indisputable Value of Value-Adds

The knowledgeable and innovative culinologists at Giraffe Foods can help you explore global value-add solutions that will elevate your brand and tempt consumers. Value-adds are simply special features or improvements that increase your food’s desirability and worth in the eyes of consumers. Global flavors can act as value-adds in several significant ways:

Save time! Consumers may not have time to look for specific global ingredients, especially if they’re not available at their neighborhood supermarket. Save them time by adding the ingredient to your meal kit, frozen entrée, or deli item. Bundle up!

Save money! Global ingredients sometimes have a higher price point, especially when purchased in large quantities.

Offer indulgence! Consumers crave indulgence from time to time and want brands to offer dreamy foods that provide a moment of escape and a taste of pure satisfaction. Indulge them!

Add convenience! Consumers don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on food items that they won’t use often, especially if it’s their first time trying to cook a unique food item. Give them a perfectly sized portion!

The Hottest Global Flavors of 2023

Today’s consumers are curious and eager to expand their palates with unique global flavors. Social media quickly spreads the word about trendy new flavor sensations, amplifying the demand for exotic foods that will challenge consumers’ tastebuds when it comes to heat and spice, sugary sweetness, unusual pairings, and unexpected novelties. According to the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot Culinary Forecast” for 2023, the top three global trends in cuisine are Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Singaporean, Philippine, etc.), Caribbean (Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, etc.), and South American (Argentinian, Brazilian, Chilean, etc.). Give your consumers another stamp in their culinary passports by adding these cuisines to your menu line-up, at the deli counters or at your convenience stores!

Satisfying Southeast Asian Flavors 

Bursting with diverse flavors, Southeast Asian cuisines often team up contrasting flavor profiles. Imagine sweetness, saltiness, and sourness all in one dish!


Gỏi Cuốn with Hoisin Dipping Sauce

Offer Gỏi Cuốn, a traditional Vietnamese dish, in a ready-to-eat format to give consumers a nutritious, convenient lunch option. Pair the light and refreshing spring rolls with a dark, thick, umami-rich Hoisin Dipping Sauce. Yum!


Chili Crab with Spicy Tomato Chili Oil

Did you know many people consider chili crab to be the national dish of Singapore? Chili crab with Spicy Tomato Chili Oil and Black Pepper Sauce in a medium-sized pouch would make an excellent frozen fine dining option, jazzing up a typical date night at home. Plus, chili oil has enjoyed a 72% increase of menu incidences from 2019 to 2022. (Mintel 2022) More and more consumers are getting fired up about fiery dishes!

Vietnamese-Goi-Cuon-Springrolls-with-Hoisin Sauce


Butter-y Tart with Calamansi Curd

For a sweet treat, look to the calamansi, a Philippine citrus fruit considered to be a cross between lemons, limes, and oranges. Top a buttery tart with Calamansi Curd to add a fresh, zesty, and tart flavor profile. You could also try Ube, a delicious and gorgeously purple yam popular in the Philippines that was featured in a number of 2022 LTO launches. (Mintel 2022) Its striking appearance is complemented by sweet, delectable flavor.

Vietnamese-Goi-Cuon-Springrolls-with-Hoisin Sauce
Puerto Rican Mofongo with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Crave-able Caribbean Flavors 

Teeming with tropical produce, Caribbean cuisine fuses together a number of different cultures. It’s full of heart and distinctive ingredients, from plantains, rice, and beans to cilantro, coconut, and bell peppers. Undeniably and uniquely delicious!


Cubano Sandwich with Mustard Aioli

Who doesn’t like a classic Cubano sandwich? Ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard combine into the perfect hand-held lunch. No wonder it’s a Cuban staple! Offer it at your grocery chain’s deli counter with Mustard Aioli in a convenient dip cup or pouch. Ideal for an on-the-go lunch!

Dominican Republic 

Tostones with Mojo de Ajo

Crispy, crunchy, and savory, tostones are a classic appetizer and side dish throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Made from twice-fried green plantains, they pair beautifully with Mojo de Ajo, or garlic mojo sauce, drizzled on top or offered as a dip. Offer this satisfying side in a frozen food format to save your consumers the hassle of frying!

Puerto Rico

Mofongo with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Hailing from Puerto Rico, mofongo mashes together fried green plantains with garlic and chicharron, or crackling pork rinds. Add this tasty, filling dish to your meal kit, pairing it with a scrumptious Roasted Red Pepper Sauce dip cup. And don’t be afraid to add some heat, as 73% of consumers are interested in seeing more spicy flavors. (Mintel 2022) Fire it up!

Puerto Rican Mofongo with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Satiating South American Flavors 

With a rich history of culinary traditions, South American cuisine is vibrant and easy to love. Key foods include corn, potatoes, peppers, yucca, and tropical fruit. Each region boasts its own unique dishes, which combine to form an exciting, ever-changing culinary scene.


Completo with Chili Mayo 

Similar to the classic American hot dog, a Chilean completo is a fully-loaded hot dog piled high with toppings like chopped tomatoes, diced onion, avocado, and mayonnaise. Offer this twist on a street-food staple to your always-on-the-go Gen Z and Millennial consumers, pairing it with a drizzle of Chili Mayo provided in a convenient pouch so they can add as much or as little as they like.


Roasted Barbecue Chicken with Huacatay 

Use creamy Huacatay, a Peruvian black mint sauce, as the ultimate value-add marinade or dip this summer! In a frozen food format, couple it with barbecue chicken or roasted veggies to add a fresh, minty burst of flavor. Listed on the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot Culinary Trends report for 2023 as an emerging flavor, Huacatay is an up-and-coming sauce that deserves your full attention! 



Choripán Sandwich with Chimichurri 

Sandwiches infused with global flavors are an emerging trend, and the Argentinian choripán sandwich is amongst the hottest of the bunch. (National Restaurant Association’s What’s New Report 2023) Gen Zs love to try breakthrough flavors like this and share it with friends and followers on social media. Add choripán ­­– grilled chorizo sausage on a crusty bread – to your deli counter, pairing it with a mouth-watering Chimichurri Sauce in a dip cup or pouch for ample convenience. With its vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and oregano, this sauce is delightfully simple and a perfect accompaniment to grilled meat. Delish!


Globally inspired dishes will always excite consumers. After all, even the most well-seasoned traveler hasn’t ventured to every corner of the globe! And when you combine exciting global flavors with value-add solutions, you’ve got a match made in foodie heaven! When you’re ready to get started, contact your global food guides: the culinologists at Giraffe Foods. Our talented team will help you dip into a world of delicious foods and flavors.

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