Let’s Wing it to Win it!

Baked chicken wings with sesame seeds and sweet chili sauce on white wooden board.

An appetizer, main or a snack, chicken wings are loved and celebrated across cultures and cuisines. An easy to make and serve crowd-pleaser, it’s a great way to showcase your food expertise. Wings have grown a whopping 44% in the last three years (US Foods 2022), their craze and popularity have chefs around the globe experimenting with unique ingredient combinations. Time to get creative with our chefs to evolve your menu.

Get ready to stock up on those Wet Ones because your customers won’t be able to get enough of these finger-licking wings.

Sweet and Savory Wings

Sweet & Savory Wing Sauces    

Tossed or dipped, our custom-flavored sweet wing sauces bring life to your carefully cooked succulent chicken wings. Whether it’s the classic Golden Honey Garlic, a sweet-sticky flavor with subtle notes of earthiness from the garlic or something fresh and fruity like our chef’s special Latin Citrus BBQ Sauce adding a punch of vibrant citrus flavors – both are equally crave-able. Pack them as value-adds with boxed frozen wings or serve them hot at your restaurant, your customers will be hungry just looking at them!


  • Tangy Apple Cider BBQ Sauce – Add zing to your wings! This thin, tomato-based BBQ sauce offers a noticeable apple cider vinegar flavor only to have your customers puckering. Added spices like clove, allspice, cinnamon, coriander, garlic along with the cayenne pepper makes it a flavor-forward wing sauce – tossed, glazed, drizzled or dunked!
  • Maple BBQ – Need we say more? Maple syrup provides deep caramel and toffee like notes that pair perfectly with crispy chicken wings.
  • Hickory Bourbon BBQ Sauce – This one has it all! The warmth of vanilla from the bourbon, a smoky kiss of hickory and nostalgic flavors of bacon. They are fused together to craft an irresistible BBQ sauce making your chicken wings more inviting than ever.
Sweet and Savory Wings

Spicy & Hot Wing Sauces

Looking to add some more heat to your wing sauces? You’ve come to the right place – we innovate perfectly balanced sauces that will make your chicken wings go viral as your customers Instagram your dishes. The classic sweet and spicy General Tso brings Asian flavors to the party. Uniquely colored, this sauce uses traditional ingredients like hoisin sauce, soy, honey, and garlic chili paste – offering sweet, spicy and umami. Making your wings versatile and yum to the bones!


  • Mango Habanero BBQ Sauce – Bringing tropical flavors right to the plate! Mango’s sweet-citrus taste comfortably balances the famous heat and fruity-floral notes of habanero. The famous kick from habanero adds excitement with a little bit of approachable heat.
  • Korean BBQ Sauce #1 in our hearts! The sweetness of brown sugar and cloves are combined with thick-spicy Gochujang, a traditional Korean paste, delivers mesmerizing and complex umami notes at the end of every bite. You got to try what vibrancy it adds to wings – connect with us to order your sauce sample.
  • Hot Honey Teriyaki – Hot Honey madness isn’t going to end! A flavor you can’t get over, our Hot Honey and Teriyaki is just waiting-to-be discovered. The sticky and shiny texture with a pleasant heat will have your wings flying off plates in seconds.
  • Jerk BBQ Sauce – A complex Jamaican staple that gets its distinct heat from the scotch bonnet peppers is combined with a subtle warmth from allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon. Hungry stomachs welcome the subdued minty & peppery flavors of thyme with raw garlic that delicately offers relief from the fiery heat of scotch bonnet peppers.
Smoky wings

Smoky Wing Sauces

Everyone loves a good classic buffalo sauce—but how about one with a twist? Our chef added a Mexican adobo to our amazing buffalo base sauce and you have to try this familiar but unique flavor.  Made with butter, the smokiness of Chipotle and Pasilla peppers create one-of-a-kind wing sauce, Buffaloadobo. Paprika compliments the vinegar and garlic to create a balanced and interesting sauce. Customers looking for ready-to-use wing sauces at grocery stores or ordering take-out from their favorite wing shop– will buy this over and over again!


  • Applewood Peach BBQ Sauce – Already gaining fans! A delicious BBQ sauce with a semi-sweet, smoked apple-like flavor and fruity notes from a ripe summer peach is savored by all. Add your own variations with apple, whiskey or bourbon that promises to turn chicken wings ‘celebrity’ overnight – discover the taste with us.
  • Chipotle-Lime BBQ Sauce – Frequently found ingredients in Mexican cuisine, the chipotle pepper and lime are blended together to create a smoky-zesty sauce that’s never enough. Always ready to transport your foodie fans to a warm sandy beach!
  • Sweet and Smoky Mustard BBQ Sauce – A must-have for your BBQ season! This offers a perfect mix of big-bold-flavors with ingredients like molasses, tomato paste and mild spices with a mild to not-so-strong presence of mustard in it. Together the mix is enjoyed as a delicious dipping sauce on chicken wings or fingers.
Smoky wings
The Rule Breakers

The Rule Breakers

Today’s consumers enjoy ‘everything food’ – starting from food-moods to being an avid food-traveller with a deep understanding of ingredients and how they interact. A new-age food enthusiast is always exploring.  Our team works with you to create memorable moments. We provide endless delicious possibilities by finding balance between comforting and complex flavors – we bring you known and unknown ingredients from across the world that helps you build unique and indulgent foods to uplift your brand value. A familiar & popular flavor like of coffee can be used to make unique sauces like Apple Cider Espresso BBQ Sauce, Chile Coffee Sticky Sauce. Let’s break some rules with up & coming sauces –


  • Pineapple Ginger BBQ Sauce – Making its way from pizza toppings to wings sauces! An unexpected flavor combination when you think of BBQ. Pineapple and ginger will surprise your customers with sweet and sour notes dancing on their tongue. The fruity-vanilla from the pineapple pairs well with the subtle spice and zesty ginger.
  • Mole BBQ Sauce – Mole BBQ sauce is both complex and rich. Our smoky sauce boasts of warm spices, dried chilies, dark unsweetened chocolate and hoja santa, a Mexican herb. A full sensory experience to amaze your wing lovers and have them coming back for more.
  • Huli Huli Hawaiian BBQ Sauce – Aloha! A sticky-shiny sauce that combines of ingredients like soy sauce, pineapple juice, ginger and mustard. Together they make a sauce that hits all the right notes – fresh, sweet, salty and sour. Once tried, but never forgotten.

As your trusted custom flavor solutions partner, our R&D and culinary teams search for ways to evolve and craft mouth-watering custom sauces and dips. Whether your business is private label food manufacturing or foodservice – Just wing it & we’ll do the rest!

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