Plant-Based Sauces Packed with Possibilities

Assortment of Plant-Based Foods

Food can be your sensory journey to a marvelous flavor destination, with plenty of stop-overs to aromatic discoveries, intriguing textures, and – most importantly – fearless flavors along the way. In our world of food, nothing is impossible and everything is delicious. Yet 53% of consumers tend to shy away from plant-based foods because they’re concerned about taste (Datassential, 2022). Well, it’s time to show them what they’re missing!

Team up with our talented culinary team to tempt your customers with flavor-forward plant-based sauces, dips, drizzles, and dressings. By sourcing the finest ingredients and conducting extensive taste tests, we’ll ensure that the final product is positively bursting with flavor – so your next plant-based dish can go from bland to bold. Are you ready to delve into the possibilities? Scroll down to discover our world of delicious flavors!

Fabulously Flavorful Plant-Based Sauces

Many consumers are skewed toward plant-based foods for health reasons, but they’re also nervous about missing out on all the foodie fun. Great news: Gone are the days when healthy foods and tempting flavors couldn’t go hand-in-hand. With winning ingredients, a pinch of delectable seasonings, and some creativity, we can help you satisfy their tastebuds and their wellness goals.

Today, 21% of consumers are hoping to reduce the amount of meat in their diet – that’s up from 15 percent last year!
(Datassential, 2021)
The time is right to make consumers fall for your foods with our –

Meatless Magic

Looking to tempt meat lovers? Meet our Meet-y Bolognese, which transforms this tempting Italian favorite into meatless tomato-based sauce that you would swear is the same as Nona used to make!. Perfect for a family feast! Or how about our Un-Bacon Ranch? Fat carries flavor, and you’ll adore this plant-based ranch’s addictive creaminess and herby notes. The smoky, meat-like flavor can top salads or work as a dreamy dip alongside mini roasted potatoes. Finally, if we didn’t tell you our very V-edgy Carbonara is both meat and egg free, you’d never guess! It’s truly craveable, satisfying fussy meat eaters and giving vegans a chance to indulge. Toss it with spaghetti, and serve the classic meal without missing the salty, umami flavor from the bacon – nice trick.

Vegan Bolognese and zucchini noodles
Falafel and Tzatziki

Embrace Global Flavors

Give your customers a ticket around the world with new menu items. By reaching for authentic flavors from every corner of the globe, you can push their culinary boundaries with scrumptious meals that can take them to any flavor destination. How about a veggie pie? Picture a rich, flaky pastry filled with an assortment of yummy ingredients – cauliflower, chickpeas, tomatoes, kale, onions – nestled in a Spiced Curry Sauce with notes of turmeric, garlic, and ginger. Doesn’t that sound divine? Or maybe you could head to the Greek Isles! Greek cuisine currently ranks second when it comes to the fastest-growing global flavors (Technomic Ignite Menu, 2021). You’ll love our vibrant, Tzatziki Sauce, go bold by adding pungent flavor from the garlic. Brimming with dill and cucumber, it’s a must-have dip for falafel or a Mediterranean-spiced quinoa burger. And don’t stop there! Enjoy our Turkish Tahini Drizzle in its full glory – savory, bitter, and nutty, with an earthy touch. Used to dress your salad or drizzled on herb-roasted veggies, its spark of sesame is all about brightening up the mood.

Falafel and Tzatziki


Just about any classic dip, dressing, or spread can be reimagined as a plant-based option, so let’s indulge your customers with the classic flavors they already adore. Our tempting Vegan Spicy Mayo Spread can add creamy comfort and surprising spice to your umami-packed portobello burger. Slather it on a colorful sandwich packed with fresh, crunchy veggies, or toss it with potatoes and herbs to add character to the potato salad. Our other plant-forward favorite – Garlic-Parmesan Sauce – speaks for itself! The mature, creamy flavor duo is proven to pique consumers’ interest in all kinds of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and more, so you can use this format-friendly option to get more efficient: one sauce for multiple applications.

Pizza and Garlic Parmesan Sauce

40% of consumers are most likely to order vegetarian options that are labeled “plant-based.” (Technomic, 2021)

With plant-based offerings, it’s crucial to carve out your own value and keep innovating with the market. We understand the challenges behind creating flavors for plant-based foods. Whether you decide to develop new, memorably meatless dishes, infuse distinct global flavors into some proven products, or freshen up any number of crave-worthy classics, you’ll find that many customers are excited to go on this journey with you! So go big, and go bold – reach out to our team of passionate flavor makers to start exploring the possibilities today.

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