Why our R&D Culinary Innovation Center is at the Core of Your Food Business’ Success

Our R&D Culinary Innovation Center provides you endless opportunities to explore the value-add possibilities for your brand. With an experienced team of chefs and food scientists we will help you develop a product that is on or ahead of the trends, keeping your consumers coming back over and over again!

Allows for our R&D team to innovate and experiment

With our new R&D Culinary Innovation Center, our team of food scientists and chefs are even better equipped to help you innovate,  re-engineer and experiment with flavors for your menu or products. We know that it’s become increasingly important for businesses to improve efficiency and productivity. Given the state of the labor market, we are seeing strong trends to simplify menus and to create versatile, multiple use products. With 25%* of business owners looking for solutions from a custom flavor partner , it is key that our team and stakeholders are knowledgeable by testing new and ‘flexible’ flavors and techniques. We are committed to creating custom sauces, marinades, dressings and drizzles packed with flavor! Let Giraffe Foods be your global food guides in customizing culinary journey for you and your customers. 


The sensory experience with our Live Kitchen—where food and science come together

Visit our Culinary Innovation Center for a complete sensory experience. We cultivate creativity that allows us to bring food and science together—from taste to aroma, from ideation to production. Our Innovation Center is the perfect place to experiment with flavors and sauces from around the world.  Our Live Kitchen is where our partners see and participate in ideation sessions. With our understanding customer needs as well as flavor solutions will turn custom-made sauces into value-add products. Current trending flavors include Yuzu-a Japanese citrus which pairs well with both sweet and savory applications like a yuzu marinated pork chop, but if you’re looking for more of a sweet ingredient, honeysuckle is a great addition to desserts with its floral notes which compliment creamy cheesecake. Connect with us through food in our Live Kitchen and kick off your ideation process! Our ideation process accelerates development through commercialization and fulfillment, getting your products to market faster. Contact us today to start your culinary journey!


R&D provides solutions and ingenuity to innovative products

With the continuous evolution of new flavors, trending ingredients, and technology for food production, Giraffe Foods knew it was an important investment not only for the company to expand and upgrade our facilities, but for our partners too. Innovation and R&D is the cornerstone to the success of our business as our customers expect agility and solutions—to stay ahead of trends and competition. When meeting with customers we provide insights into their ideal consumer behavior, translating that knowledge into a product your consumers will love. If your customers enjoy foods that are unique yet familiar, we can suggest our Black Garlic Teriyaki sauce, or if they’re into the classics try an apple crumble with a Sticky Maple Caramel sauce. Sauces are becoming increasingly important and are seen by restaurant owners as a wise investment for innovation specifically amongst the differentiation of proteins such as seafood with Creole Tomato sauce or Lemon-Caper Beurre Blanc. With the endless possibilities, we have something for everyone—let’s get started on creating an unforgettable experience.


Solving productivity challenges in

your kitchen

Our R&D team helps you craft and produce unique sauces while understanding your brand challenges to bring you trusted solutions. With our core values of agility and ingenuity, we work with you to provide quick turnaround on products that are at the cutting edge of food trends. With the challenges surrounding labor, operators must increase kitchen productivity. Converting scratch products to commercial recipes save you and your team time and cost. Let Giraffe do the work! We provide our customers with delicious and consistent sauces, dressings, marinades and more. With application in mind, we have a variety of packaging options, from sauces in meal kits to portioned grab-and-go sauces or a pillow pouch that increases efficiency for the kitchen. Partnering with a custom sauce manufacturer is now seen as a part of a business growth strategy as 34%* of restaurant owners believe branded sauces are one way to differentiate menus with a focus on dressings and dips. 

Starting from the corporate chefs & food developers to your customer care representative, each one of us is committed to providing solutions. We pride ourselves on transparent communication to help you deliver on your brand promise!

*Kinetic12, Emergence Report 2021


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