Spicy Sauces for Spring

and Summer 


All aboard! As The Hot Sauce Express continues chugging along, let’s grab our binoculars to see where it might travel during the bloom of spring and the blaze of summer. The celebration of warmer days, plentiful sunlight, and delicious produce in these seasons should be your cue that it’s time to release new fun flavors to elevate that already-exciting food mood. Our team of food explorers is scouting out some terrifically hot and sweetly, spicy sauces for spring and summer, and we would love to bring you along for the journey.

Did you know that March 1st heralds the start of National Sauce Month? As if you needed another reason to wow your consumers with bold, vibrant new sauces! Embrace #nationalsaucemonth as a chance to add some extra saucy dimension to your menu for the spring and summer. Let your flavors flourish!

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Plant the Seed for Passionate New Customers

No matter which segment of the industry your brand calls home, it’s critical for you to look ahead and prepare for upcoming seasonal flavor trends. Pizza outlets, big burger brands, salad/bowl chains, and taco shops may work with different recipes and base ingredients, but all types of foodservice restaurants and retail and convenience stores can make use of exciting new hot sauces for the spring and summer seasons. Intriguingly spicy sauces designed to complement seasonal flavors can pique consumers’ curiosity, get them in the door, and give your brand a social media spotlight.

When you’re ready to craft some menu must-haves, you can count on Giraffe Foods to be your go-to culinary partner for sauces – from sweet, fruity, and mildly spicy sauces to scorchingly hot sauces that will set your mouth aflame!


Sweet, Savory, & Spicy Sauces

Explore beloved seasonal ingredients to craft addictive and adventurous spicy sauces. With so many delectable fruits and vegetables available during these warmer months, you’ll have a plentiful selection of produce to work with. Not only do these fruits provide hydration and nutrients, but their natural sweetness contrasts beautifully with a variety of sizzling savory dishes. Of course, you can also play with bold global flavors like sriracha, gochujang, and harissa to spice up your menu. Let’s peruse some possibilities!

The Sauces:

Spicy Mayo
Harissa Dressing
Ginger-Miso Chili
Horseradish Mayo
Hot Honey Harissa
Sriracha Vinaigrette
Passionfruit Habanero
Sweet-Heat Chili Sauce
Habanero Bourbon Glaze
Peach Habanero or Jalapeño
Pepper-Infused Maple Sauces
Korean Gochujang Vinaigrette
Pineapple-Mango Ghost Pepper Sauce

hot-honey sauce-and-peach-habanero sauce

A Handful of Sauces, Countless Dishes: 

One of the best things about these delectable spicy sauces is that they can be mixed and matched with a variety of applications. Use these sauces in multiple recipes to save on labor and cost. Get some bang for your buck!

A dipping sauce to jazz up Hawaiian-style garlic shrimp

A vinaigrette to pour over (and spice up) a falafel and hummus bowl

A dressing for a pre-packed BBQ chicken salad bursting with fresh flavor

A drizzle to add a punch of heat to bacon avocado deviled eggs

A salsa to pair with nachos, tacos, empanadas, or a melty quesadilla

Hawaiian shrimp salad bowl with spicy vinaigrette

A marinade for chicken wings to add fiery, fruity flavor

A drizzle to add some spicy pizzazz to roasted cauliflower or carrots

A sauce for backyard BBQ burgers, infusing a boost of sweet-heat

A sauce to slather onto a Korean roasted pork belly sandwich

A dip for an over-the-top snack platter of fries, wings, and onion rings

Our culinary team is ready to push creative boundaries so that your customers can experience exciting new flavors this spring and summer. We can take you from collaboration to customization to creation – in fact, it’s what we do best! Are you ready to dive into our world of delicious flavors?

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