Tasty and Trendy Dipping Sauces

Breakfast bowl with fruit, yogurt, and granola

How Can You Dress Up Your Dipping Sauces?  

Take your foods from ordinary to extraordinary, when you dip into our delicious new flavors! A small bowl of a delicious dipping sauce can be a consumer’s grand gateway to exotic global cuisines and daring flavor combinations. Jazz up a familiar favorite like hamburgers or tacos with an exciting new dipping sauce, like Creole Remoulade, Spicy Moroccan Carrot Dip, or Roasted Poblano Crema, and even these cozy comfort foods can spark your customers’ taste for adventure. Giraffe Foods’ team of innovative chefs will help you push the creative boundaries to open up a world of provocative, palate-pleasing dips. So – if you’re ready to dip your toe in the water – let’s explore some tasty and trendy dipping-sauce ideas.

Explore Standout Salsas

With their bright, vibrant flavors, salsas make an appealing go-to option when you’re creating new dipping sauces. The salsa category continues to see impressive growth, as inventive food companies attract new customers by highlighting their salsa’s unique preparation process for nuanced flavors. For example, fire-roasted salsa, salsa ranchero, and salsa verde have all seen a boost in recent years. According to Mintel, the menu incidence of salsa ranchero went up a whopping 72% from 2017 to 2020 – making this flag-bearer of Mexican culture a must-have on your menu!

Whether served alongside chile relleno, a cheesy omelet, or even pizza, salsa can transform a standard dish into an exotic indulgence. Given the chance, your customers will fall in love with our tasty Salsa Verde, tempting Mango Chili Salsa, or truly tantalizing Salsa de Serrano Rojo. For a Colombian twist with bold flavors, consider our Salsa de Aji – you’re in for a fantastic flavor surprise!

half taco half salsa
Chicken Wings and Harissa

Spice It Up

With the rising popularity of Asian, North African, and South American cuisines, consumers are showing love for foods that are fired up with global spices. Wield the mighty power of dipping sauces to show off hot-and-trendy new flavors – and in case your customers are more hesitant about the heat, we can always customize dips with different heat intensities. Amp up your pizza with some Hot Honey, give your curly fries more gusto with Spicy Ketchup, or game up your appetizer menu with chicken wings and a Cherry Chipotle Dip

As consumers venture into spicier options, many providers are detailing spice levels on menus and labels to help customers choose their preferred amount of spice in foods. For instance, the term “medium hot” has seen a 180% surge in popularity on menus. Whether you’re featuring a Chipotle Aioli or Jalapeño Ranch dip, consider specifying the spiciness for those curious foodies.

Another intriguing way to bring refreshing novelty to your spice options is to tap into trendy harissa. This Tunisian hot-chili-pepper paste offers a rich flavor profile with notes of garlic and lemon, and some versions can be smoky or sweet. Consider pairing Harissa Dipping Sauce with crispy sweet-potato fries or falafel – and see its magic in your customers’ eyes!

Chicken Wings and Harissa

Bring on the Comfort Classics

Although we love to experiment with new flavor combinations, no one can deny that the classics are classics for a reason. Consumers continue to crave familiar flavors for comfort and indulgence – in their home-sweet-home or while dining out. Whether it’s an absolutely addictive Garlic Cheesy Dip, the creamy goodness of a crave-able Tahini Dip, or a flavor-forward Ginger Miso, embrace the classics as they make your customers feel at home.

Recognizable dipping sauces can also be an entry point for wary consumers, giving them a gentle nudge toward up-and-coming cuisines and flavors. For example, if you pair your Moroccan Chicken Tagine with a Roasted Garlic Dip, maybe cautious customers will be willing to give it a go! Or perhaps a Horseradish Mayo might have everyone eyeing your new octopus takoyaki. We love it – and we can help you make it your own!

Nachos with Dip
Pie with caramel-sauce

Sweeten the Deal

What’s for dessert? Indulge your customers’ confectionery cravings with our delectably sweet dipping sauces. Something rich, like a Kettle-Cooked Caramel, Butterscotch Sauce, or even a Coffee Caramel Sauce will complement your bakery’s fan-favorite sweet treats. If you prefer a lighter option, why not go fruit-forward with a Wild Berry Sauce or Raspberry Coulis? Berries are remarkably refreshing, and are so versatile for what they offer – slather them on scones, use berry jam for cake icing, serve coulis with cheesecake, or just bottle them to serve on sides for your all-day breakfast menu. Simply sweet — simply delicious!

Pie with Caramel Sauce

When it comes to creating dreamy dipping sauces that pack a punch, you can rely on our custom flavor solutions and our state-of-the-art production capabilities with an agile process. With us, you enter into a partnership – developing delicious products, adding loyal customers to your brand, and along the way, enjoying a long-term relationship with our experts on your side. Giraffe Foods’ experienced food scientists offer unmatched know-how to help you realize your best possible products – and perhaps even craft the flavors of tomorrow. Whether you’re looking to create a private-label product, expand your product line, or solve issues with a current dish, our team is ready to take on the challenge.

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