Top Hot Sauces for the 2023 Culinary Landscape

Steak with Hot Sauce

Hot sauces don’t just add fiery flavor to a variety of cuisines. They also fire our imaginations, tempt us to travel to different regions, and inspire passionate loyalty in consumers. Plus, hot sauce is in our blood! Whether from the Americas or other parts of the world, chili peppers have now traveled all around the world, lending their formidable flavors to countless global cuisines known and loved by many. In this global setting, they boast the power to transform any number of ordinary dishes – from eggs and chicken wings to sandwiches, noodles, stews, and even ice creams – into spicily scrumptious flavor adventures. If you’re interested in developing a custom hot sauce, the talented culinologists at Giraffe Foods are ready to help you strike the match. Read on to learn about the current landscape, and consider how together we might develop one of the next top hot sauces.

Welcome Aboard our Hot Sauce Express!

Hot sauces are quickly becoming the heartbeat of many food businesses. Why? In addition to being undeniably tasty and adding a kick of spice to a variety of dishes, hot sauces provide a thrill for food lovers. Some people describe tasting hot sauce as a “rush,” enjoying how their body releases dopamine and endorphins. Hot sauces allow consumers to test their limits, give them an opportunity to show off their daring, and can spark laughter and conversation. Today, 74% of US consumers add hot sauce to their food, with 45% adding hot sauce to meals once a week or more (The Food Institute 2022). Clearly, consumers are itching to spice up their lives!

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For those who Love Blazingly Hot Sauces

Some consumers want more than a sprinkle of spice – they want a hot sauce that can set their mouth on fire! For these fearless foodies, sound the alarm with a 5-Alarm Sauce that combines habaneros, jalapenos, red pepper flakes, horseradish, cayenne, cumin, and more, all begging to be tossed on crispy chicken wings. Or, clamber up the Scoville Scale with a Carolina Reaper Sauce, which doesn’t mess around when it comes to heat. It also pairs beautifully with chicken wings – a perfect game-time snack! Finally, for a sauce that’s more spicy than spooky, check out a Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. The peppers are intensely sweet and fruity at first, but the heat blooms to a burning intensity as the minutes pass. Drizzle it over anything and everything!


Trending Chili Peppers in North America

Chili peppers are found all around the world, but which peppers are currently on trend in North America? Which red-hot peppers lend their fiery flavor to the top hot sauces?

Green and grassy when fresh, red and earthy when aged, Serrano provides a punch of power without overwhelming the senses.

To ramp things up a little, try Chipotle, which is known for its strong and smoky flavor. With its deep brown color and bold flavor, a little dash goes a long way.

When you want to spark a little spice, you can’t go wrong with crave-able Cayenne. It offers pleasant fermented-pepper notes with a bright, mild heat that complements both sweet and savory dishes.

When you really want to play with fire, check out Habanero. Its blazing heat will smack you in the face, but it also brings tropical, fruity, and even smoky flavors to the party. Or, look to its slightly fruitier cousin, the Scotch Bonnet, whose name references the pepper’s resemblance to the Scottish tam o’ shanter bonnet. Both of these peppers are incredibly hot, so use them wisely!

Also known as “bird’s-eye” chili, the lively Thai Chili is tiny but pungent and boasts a gorgeous red color when fully ripe. Dozens of Thai chilis exist, so expect a wide range of heat!

Trendy Gochujang carries gentle heat from red chili-pepper flakes, and varies in heat level based on the type of chili peppers used. Savory, sweet, and spicy, this thick paste is a staple of Korean cooking.

Bright and sunny in flavor, Ají Amarillo is considered an essential element of Peruvian cuisine, along with red onion and coriander. More approachable than a habanero, it features an acidic and floral aroma. Blend it into an Ají Verde sauce – earthy and herby with fruity, berry-like flavor notes. Yum!


Savor the Spice with these Hot Options

Excited to experiment with some flavorful new hot sauces? Let’s explore a few possibilities.

A beloved hot sauce with a loyal fan base and undoubtedly one of the top hot sauces around, Sriracha pairs beautifully with countless flavors. Layer Sriracha with Extra Garlic atop your favorite noodle dishes, or dash Sriracha with Lemongrass into a marinade to jazz up pork fried rice.

When you want an intense heat, you can’t go wrong with habanero. Slather a Habanero Bourbon Glaze on your baked ham, or dash Peach Habanero Hot Sauce onto a fried chicken sandwich. Or, let your chicken bathe in a Habanero Marinade to add juicy, delectable heat. Habanero marinades hold lots of potential, with a predicted two-year growth of 100%! (Technomic 2022)

For consumers who crave a little kick to wake up in the morning, add hot sauces to your breakfast menu. Spread Blueberry Habanero Jelly on a chewy bagel to add both sweetness and spice. Liven up buttermilk biscuits by serving them alongside a Spicy Honey Butter. What a delectable way to start the day!

Looking for something citrusy? How about a Citrus Chipotle Sauce? Whether you prefer lemons, limes, yuzu, oranges, or grapefruit, a hot sauce with a zing of fresh citrus pairs beautifully with steak tacos, chicken wings, scallops, and more. Keep an eye on citrus chipotle sauces, which are expected to jump 11% in the next couple years. (Technomic 2022)

Delightfully nutty and only slightly spicy, Salsa Macha combines a variety of dried peppers like guajillo, ancho, and arbol with seeds and It makes a perfect dip for tortilla chips, quesadillas, and more, and it’s up 339% on menus in the past four years (Datassential 2022). You could also create a trendy birria – a rich, flavorful stew made with lamb or beef – and add a dollop of Salsa Macha on top. Dip in fresh tortillas for a hands-on, flavor-packed dish. 


The Best Hot Sauce Carriers

Endlessly adaptable, hot sauce can be added to just about any dish to add a kick of heat and tantalizing flavor. Tried-and-true applications include drizzling it onto sandwiches and burgers, tossing it with chicken wings and tenders, and adding a dash to egg scrambles and omelets. And now, the realm of hot sauces is expanding. You’ll find these sizzling sauces sprinkled onto pizzas, stirred into soups and dips, and even splashed onto ice cream for a truly unexpected burst of heat. Encourage your customers to think outside the box when it comes to hot sauce applications . . .

Whisk into a vinaigrette to toss                  with salad.
Jazz up popular condiments like              ketchup, mayo, and mustard.
Try a dash in your tartar sauce or             cocktail sauce.
Heat up a hollandaise sauce.
Dash into ground beef for fiery                  burgers.
Drizzle onto ground pork for a                    spicy, smoky breakfast sausage.
Spice up savory breakfast                          sandwiches.
Shake into your favorite cocktail. Melt into butter and then toss onto         popcorn for a punchy piquant                   snack.


Perk up a jar of salsa from – mild             to mouthwatering!
Stir into waffle batter for spicy                   chicken and waffles.

Create a Mexican hot chocolate –           the perfect sweet and spicy                       combo.
Heat up some classic deviled eggs.
Boost the flavor profile of meat by           adding it to a marinade.
Mix into marinara sauce for a no-             fuss spicy pasta.
Shake onto cooked greens, like                  spinach, kale, or collard  greens.
Mix into hummus and pair with                 celery, carrots, and pita chips.

Whisk into a vinaigrette to toss with salad.
Jazz up popular condiments like ketchup, mayo, and mustard.
Try a dash in your tartar sauce or cocktail sauce.
Heat up a hollandaise sauce.
Dash into ground beef for fiery burgers.
Drizzle onto ground pork for a spicy, smoky breakfast sausage.
Spice up savory breakfast sandwiches.
Shake into your favorite cocktail.

Melt into butter and then toss onto popcorn for a punchy piquant  snack.

Perk up a jar of salsa from – mild to mouthwatering!
Stir into waffle batter for spicy chicken and waffles.

Create a Mexican hot chocolate – the perfect sweet and spicy  combo.
Heat up some classic deviled eggs.
Boost the flavor profile of meat by adding it to a marinade.
Mix into marinara sauce for a no-fuss spicy pasta.
Shake onto cooked greens, like spinach, kale, or collard  greens.
Mix into hummus and pair with celery, carrots, and pita chips.

Of all the ways to get consumers on board with your products, our delicious hot sauces are one of the most reliable – and most fun! Imagine combining our endless flavor possibilities with foods that build your brand, connecting your customers to global cuisines fired by the power of the pepper.

When you’re ready to develop a boldly addictive hot sauce that offers both vibrant flavors and adventurous heat, the team at Giraffe Foods is ready to roll. We understand what makes the top hot sauces so tantalizing, and we can help you craft an original, innovative, and delicious product. Let us help you bolster your brand narrative with a hot-off-the-presses hot sauce!

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