Un-grill-ievable BBQ Sauces!

Summer’s here and barbecue time is back! Why does that smoky goodness in the air spark such strong associations of food, fun and freedom? For us, it’s the rich sensory memories of feasting outdoors with our friends and family – and this age-old tradition of cooking over a fire also inspires us to celebrate cultural influences all over the world, with dashes of local spice and flavor that combine to create each person’s unique barbecue experience.

To put it more simply, barbecue = summer.  A great BBQ brings food, flavors and fun together. Today we can choose gas, charcoal or wood to infuse that familiar charred, smoky flavor into meat, veggies, spices, cheese or even fruit. Here’s how these techniques make great grilled chicken, steak – or a summer favorite, pineapple – so tasty and aromatic: 

Fire up the Grill: The oldest method, still commonly used all around the globe, is wood-fire grilling. With no dials to control the temperature, plenty of practice really comes in handy, to perfectly grill the food while adding an extra smoky dimension to a favorite meal.

The Charcoal Charm: We call it the “smell of nostalgia” – at summer cookouts, pool parties or camping in the wilderness, charcoal grilling just perfectly complements the natural charm of the outdoors. It also makes for a hotter cooking surface, where the drippings from chicken or beef drop onto the charcoal and create a flavorful steam that’s imparted back onto and into the meat.

Grilling over Gas: This is the next-gen grilling technique – no stress over scorching the food or over-cooking it. Easy to manage, and gets everyone enjoying the food in no time.

woodfire barbeque
charcoal bbq
gas bbq

No matter what your go-to grillin’ method is, no barbecue is complete without our custom-flavored sauces, marinades or glazes. They add depth and flavor, make meats more succulent and enhance the overall build. We’ll show you endless delicious possibilities to develop bold, mix ‘n’ match, custom BBQ sauces to take your consumers on a flavor adventure around the world.

Work with us and we’ll add compelling, globally inspired flavors to your toolkit – like a spicy and sticky Korean Gochujang BBQ sauce or a sweet, rich Italian Balsamic BBQ sauce – so your customers can discover new summer favorites. Here’s a list to inspire your R&D and culinary team with our uniquely tempting BBQ sauces –

White BBQ Sauce

Flavor Profile – Tantalizing, creamy sauce with pungent mustard and a hint of lingering heat.

Ingredient Highlights – This sauce is made from common ingredients, but in a combination that takes food to a whole new flavor destination. Mayonnaise-based White BBQ sauce gets its familiar tang from apple cider vinegar and mustard. It’s seasoned with garlic, onion and black pepper with an added sweet richness from brown sugar. So good your customers will be double-dipping!

Application – Typically served alongside just about any protein, White BBQ sauce has been popping up on menus as a perfect pairing with smoky-dry rubbed ribs. It works well for basting, too. Explore more by serving it on a deliciously crunchy salmon with a refreshing cucumber salad, or as a dipping sauce for crispy cauliflower bites.

Journey – This 1925 southern staple has its roots in Alabama, where it was first cheered as an all-purpose sauce, and it’s gradually become a special-favorite sauce for fried chicken.

grilled shrimp with white bbq sauce
pork chop with balsamic bbq sauce

Balsamic BBQ Sauce

Flavor Profile – Balanced yet robust! It’s sticky, with a deep fruity sweetness and savory notes that pair perfectly with BBQ proteins.

Ingredient Highlights – A refreshing role for good ol’ Balsamic Vinegar, switched out here in place of other vinegars commonly used in BBQ sauces. Honey and mustard round out the sauce with natural sweetness along with some zing. Molasses pulls it all together, enhancing the deep, rich caramel color and flavor.

Application – Most often used as a basting sauce: as proteins continue to cook, the sweetness and stickiness of the sauce adheres to the meat, caramelizing each round of basting. Try this BBQ sauce on a juicy pulled-pork sandwich tucked in a freshly baked kaiser bun, on a toasted baguette with grilled tender flank steak as a party appetizer or as a unique hearty breakfast – brisket omelet drizzled with Balsamic BBQ sauce. To enjoy a more intensely flavored version, cook down the balsamic vinegar to create an “agro dolce” – it makes a delectable drizzle on grilled veggies.

Journey – Produced in Italy for more than a thousand years, “aceto balsamico” is a concentrated, intense condiment normally used in salads. With three varieties to choose from, including two from Modena (DOP and IGP) and one from Reggio Emilia, Balsamic Vinegar evokes tradition and delicacy in all its forms.

Coffee/Expresso BBQ

Flavor Profile – Coffee, one of the world’s most-loved flavors, brings earthy, sweet, acidic, and nutty kicks of flavor to complement traditional BBQ sauce ingredients and leave your customers craving more.

Ingredient Highlights – Normally used in sweet applications, coffee can also add a complex and acidic flavor to savory dishes. Classic ingredients like ketchup, apple cider vinegar and Worcestershire sauce combine with the coffee to make an un-skippable item on your menu or in meal kits.

Application – Coffee BBQ Sauce has a thinner consistency than most BBQ sauces – just right as a glaze on grilled proteins, intensifying the natural smokiness. Need that extra kick of caffeine? Double down by using a dry rub with finely ground coffee and chipotle peppers. Serve this mouth-watering sauce on a tender, slowly cooked pork belly over steamed rice.

Journey – A recent trend in flavor experimentation: chefs are combining consumers’ most-loved flavors and ingredients to create exciting, novel fusion products. These newly imagined pairings bring pleasant surprises to customers’ palates, guiding them to bold, unexplored flavor combinations. Are your consumers trend seekers? Visit our Retail section for more ideas and inspiration.

Coffee Expresso BBQ Chicken Wings
Gochujang BBQ chicken wings

Gochujang BBQ 

Flavor Profile – A bold Korean staple sauce that’s sweet, spicy, salty and earthy, all together in an unforgettable umami experience.

Ingredient Highlights – The star ingredient is the spicy Gochujang, made up of chili powder, rice powder and fermented soybean. We blend this flavor-packed paste with Korean chili pepper, garlic, soy sauce, a Japanese cooking wine known as Mirin, Worcestershire sauce and black peppercorn – and we use tomato paste to give it that familiar BBQ sauce consistency.

Application – Use this Korean-inspired Gochujang BBQ Sauce as a marinade and basting sauce on smoked or grilled chicken or succulent baby-back ribs, and watch flavor fans line up to buy them. Looking to expand your consumer offerings? Try this sweet-and-spicy sauce as a base for a grilled Korean pizza. It’s another of our global flavor ideas that can give your customers’ tastebuds a whirlwind tour of the world!

Journey – Gochujang has been common in Korean kitchens since 16th and 17th With Asian-cuisine trends on the rise since 2014, Western cultures have come to know Gochujang as the “Korean Ketchup.” Consumers now find it in everyday foods like Gochujang-flavored chips and popcorns – an opportunity for you to pair mix ‘n’ match dips and extend your product line.

Spicy Peach BBQ Sauce

Flavor Profile – A fruity summer take on BBQ sauce, yielding full, sweet aromas and a kick of heat with a rich, layered flavor.

Ingredient HighlightsPeaches are the key, combined with brown sugar and honey to enhance the fruit’s natural sweetness. We fuse them all together with a flavor-forward spice blend, rich tomato paste, the deep, savory support of classic Worcestershire sauce and a hint of Cayenne Pepper to finish with a spicy zing.

ApplicationFruit and grilled proteins are a match made in sunshine heaven. Slather this Spicy Peach BBQ sauce on smoked chicken or low-and-slow baby-back ribs. And why stop there? Add this to your roster of dipping sauces for crispy chicken tenders or as a drizzle on pulled-pork poutine.

Journey – Appeared on the foodie’s radar in 2016, and still gaining popularity among consumers seeking fresh ideas to spice up their favorite foods.

grilled drumsticks with peach bbq sauce
baby back ribs with apple butter bbq sauce

Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

Flavor Profile – Offers a rich, caramelized apple flavor with deeper notes of molasses and warm, spiced undertones.

Ingredient Highlights – With a consistency that’s similar to apple sauce, apple butter is cooked for a longer period of time, allowing it to develop a more intense flavor and sweetness. Add the acidity of apple cider vinegar, a mix of enticing spices, the familiar flavor and flow of ketchup plus a touch of liquid smoke, and there you have it – the exhilaration of innovation!

Application – Ideal as a basting sauce on pork, as it reduces during grilling into an indulgent, sticky-sweet, finger-smearing eating experience. Use it as a spread on a Turkey BLT sandwich to add appeal to your brunch menu, or substitute Apple Butter BBQ in place of conventional marinara sauce on pizza topped with smoky bacon, creamy cheese and the warm kiss of spicy chili.

Journey – Apple butter originated in the monastery orchards of the Middle Ages, from what was known then as Limburg. Europeans call it “apple jelly,” but the Pennsylvania Dutch made it increasingly popular in North America as “apple butter.” In 2014, the idea evolved again as a new sauce combining fruity rich apple butter with traditional BBQ flavors, creating a soon-to-be favorite of consumers.

With each of our inventive BBQ sauces transporting them to a different flavor destination, your consumers’ grillin’ season will always be full of exciting new possibilities. From spicy to sweet to smoky to simply surprising, there’s an abundance of sauce choices for every chef. And whatever’s on the grill, they’ll need to make sure there’s plenty – family and friends will be calling for more!

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