A Taste from the Past

This month we mark 25 years of following our passion for making foods extraordinary, and we’re not about to simmer down now! Along the way, we’ve developed classic sauces, dips, dressings, drizzles and marinades, all so that we can keep spreading flavor and fun for you and your customers. Leading the industry on new food adventures comes naturally to us: Our consumer-conscious creative approach recognizes what they want, what they love, what they’re cooking, and much more. The past #25yearsofflavor show just how our continuous research and development, formulations and re-formulations, and non-stop discovery of unique ingredients and recipes make our products – and the journey we share with you – deliciously memorable.

Now, let’s go down the memory lane – a hot, spicy, salty, and absolutely mouth-watering exploration of some of our most-loved creations. These sauces, dressings, dips, and marinades from the past still hold a prized place in consumers’ households, eateries, meal kits, and grocery stores

blt sandwich with mayo

Mayo Dreams Come True!

Mayonnaise, 2022

A sky-high BLT, a hot-off-the-grill burger, or a fresh lobster roll all have one appealing flavor in common: creamy-rich Mayonnaise, long enjoyed around the globe as a sandwich spread, a dip for crispy fries, or a salad dressing. Today, consumers’ love for “mayo” has only grown – and why not? After all, in the last few years, it has transcended its traditional recipe in any number of bold, exciting flavor makeovers. For instance, replacing the lemon with the newly embraced summer flavor “Yuzu” – a sour, tangerine-like Asian citrus – brings a fresh take on this classic sauce. We’ve developed recipes of Mayo with Garlic to go with a piled-up plate of patatas bravas or drizzles of spicy Sriracha Mayo on a veggie-packed crunchy roll.

Trend: By 2024, Mayo will have a fan following of 283 million.
(Statista Research Department, 2021)

BLT sandwich with mayo


Tex-Mex-Sauce, 2021

This trend is here to stay, and why shouldn’t it? Taco Tuesday is a thriving dinner ritual for consumers everywhere, thanks to Tex-Mex variations that’re popping up in households and on fast-casual menus. Hitting an all-time consumer high in 2021, Tex-Mex has been at the top of consumers’ minds as a comfort food, portable snack, or positively perfect meal for any fiesta. The mix of spicy, creamy, fresh, and smoky custom flavors offers something for everyone. Surprise your guests with a Tex-Mex pizza topped with braised pork and tangy jalapenos – an unexpected combo they won’t stop talking about – or upgrade your roasted chicken with a Tex-Mex marinade served alongside rice and authentic frijoles. And all that’s left to say is “Let’s eat!” – or maybe, “¡Vamos a Comer!”

Trend: 54% of consumers find their first love in Tex-Mex cuisine
(US. Foods, Inc., 2022)

Tex-Mex tacos
chicken shawarma lunch with tahini dip

The Falafel Truth

Shawarma Sauce, 2015-2020

What started as a condiment typically sold only on food carts is now widely adopted within the foodie community. This special sauce was created in the year of 1990s, helping Americanize halal foods and introducing many boomers, millennials, and Gen-Zs to popular Middle Eastern flavors. This delectable, mayo and garlicky based sauce is generously drizzled over crispy falafels or served with a warm gyro to be enjoyed right after a nighttime stroll. (We’re getting hungry just writing this – YUM!) It has traveled across North America and now accompanies lots of other foods, perhaps drizzled lightly on a Mediterranean salad with sliced grilled chicken, or added alongside a dip platter with warm, fresh pita and veggies.

Trend:  79% of Middle-Eastern menus are made more magical with Shawarma Sauce (Technomic Ignite Menu, 2021)

Chicken Shawarma platter with tahini and hot sauce dip

All Hail Caesar! 

Caesar Dressing, 2017-2018

Ahhh, the classic Caesar dressing! We don’t have to tell you how well-loved the crown jewel of sauces is – it’s a staple in households and menus all over the world. This creamy, zesty, cheesy, and peppery sauce adds flavor to all kinds of dishes. Enjoyed simply as the star of a salad with crunchy croutons and some sprinkles of extra parm, or as a sauce on a crispy chicken wrap, Caesar dressing has been a tried-and-true favorite for years. When you’re ready to take a leap and expand your culinary tool kit, try using Caesar dressing as a marinade for your chicken and beef recipes. All that salty, garlicky goodness penetrates into the chunks of meat, tenderizing it and leaving it succulent and moist. Looking to incorporate more veggies? Toss your favorite in the dressing before roasting it in the oven – the cheese crisps up, adding real comfort appeal to your weeknight side.

Trend: Caesar Dressing is the first pick for Salad Entrees with 4.6% menu penetration (Technomic Ignite Menu, 2021)

Caesar salad with dressing
Crispy chicken wings with garlic dip

Gar-lick It Up! 

Garlic Dip, 2011-2014

Long gone are the days when dips were made with pre-packaged flavors. Once you’ve tasted this creamy, fluffy, and downright delicious garlic dip, you won’t be going back to anything else. This dip packs a punch of garlic flavor, with the rich, lively tang of sour cream and a fresh green brightness from spring onions. Serve alongside a fresh plate of crudité or enjoy with your favorite chips on movie night – ours are the classic original ruffled chips. Add a new dimension to your side plate offerings: swap out traditional sour cream for this garlic dip on a loaded baked potato, replace ordinary garlic with black garlic to add earthy, sweet umami notes to a dish, or stick with our tried-and-true Honey Garlic. You just can’t go wrong! A sweet, sticky sauce makes all the difference on crispy chicken wings or as a marinade for plump shrimp in an Asian bowl – we’ve never heard of anyone complaining about too much garlic flavor!

Trend: 60% of US consumers say ‘Garlic’ is their go-to protein flavor (Mintel, 2021)

chicken wings with garlic dip

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch! 

Ranch, 2012

Maybe the 1950s weren’t so exciting, but American consumers did find a thrill they could call their own – Ranch dressing! This was the beginning of the wave, the rise of the foodie nation, and Ranch lovers united across the country and around the world and found exciting ways to use this bold ‘n’ tangy new dressing. We all know Ranch is a delicious addition to a salad, or a great dip for baby carrots, but its appeal now reaches much further – to culinary heights and to the center of its own fusion concepts. To level up your Ranch game, try it as a creamy, peppery sauce in a “Mississippi Pot Roast” served with slow-cooked potatoes, or liven up pasta night with Buffalo Ranch and your favorite noodles – cheesy, creamy, spicy heaven waiting to be devoured. Dive into the world of Ranch possibilities with variations such as Avocado Ranch, Buttermilk Ranch, and even Herbed Ranch – each bringing its own distinct twist to conventional dishes.

Trench:  Chipotle Ranch is one of the fastest growing dressings at 8% YoY (Technomic Ignite Menu, 2021)

cauliflower bite with ranch dip
Herb potato patties with hot sauce

Spice Up Your Life

Hot Sauce, 2010

We can’t get enough of that Spicy Life—vinegary, spicy hot sauce lives in the foodie’s soul, adding fire and flavor to everything from tacos to fried chicken to sandwiches, soups, and salsas. Every cuisine features some variation of this condiment, each carrying a unique flavor profile such as garlic, cilantro, or paprika. Experiment and learn what’s too hot to handle, with pepper varieties like the Rocoto, with its notes of apple crossed with tomato, or the Chocolate Habanero, bringing the heat with a smoky earthiness – or stay within the comfort zone with a gateway pepper like Jalapeno, enjoyed fresh or pickled. Want to give a kick to a familiar condiment? Try our Spicy Ketchup with your shoestring fries, drizzle our sticky-sweet Hot Honey onto a savory waffle, or top your cold Asian noodles with Ginger-Lime Hot Sauce for that extra zing.

Trend: Over 54% of households stock up on hot sauce to add a punch to home-made meals (NPD, 2019)

herb potato patties with hot sauce

The past was a blast, yet Giraffe Foods is all about developing the flavors of tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what the future brings – so we’re creating it now, with delicious, enticing, evolving custom sauces to help you keep putting smiles on consumers’ faces. Onwards and upwards to another #25yearsofflavor!

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