How Our Second Production Facility Can Help Diversify Your Business

Second Production Facility

In 2021 we took the time to innovate and improve to better serve our customers with the opening of a second production facility as well as a culinary innovation center. To kick start 2022, come see how our expansion can take your business to new heights! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to.

We are investing to help you grow

Our vision is to help you explore new, diverse and exciting flavors that you can showcase for your customers.  Our new and expanded facility enables us to:

Have greater agility to help you meet the needs of your customers

We know, now more than ever, how important it is to adapt quickly to a changing market. With additional blending tanks, new high speed packaging lines and room to grow even more, we can change on a dime. Even if it’s a last-minute request, a large volume order or a change of direction entirely – we are better equipped to meet your needs and the demands of the market.

Help you grow your business through expanded production capabilities

We can now produce more custom sauce, faster than ever before. Bring us your big, new sauce ideas and we can turn them into reality quickly and efficiently – allowing you to get new product offerings to customers sooner.

Have redundancy to ensure your product gets to you on time and in budget

If there is anything the past 18 months has taught us – it’s been to be prepared for anything. Our new facilities have built in redundancy that will allow us to better deliver on time and in budget. In the event of a line down for maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances, we can more easily adapt our production to meet our promise to you.

Showcase our innovation, helping you take our products to the next level

Our Giraffe Foods culinary innovation center is the show piece of our recent renovation. Our R&D team is world class, and now we can showcase their innovative and trend-setting sauces in a Live Kitchen setting. We can’t wait to invite you and your team in for an Ideation where we will feature new and exciting custom flavor solutions, and help you find the right one to elevate your product.

Homemade and tasty ketchup prepared from tomatoes

We are committed to continuous improvement to ensure that our facilities remain state-of-the-art. You can feel confident that with Giraffe Foods as your partner you will always be our priority.

Reach out today for an ideation. We can’t wait to help you find your next custom flavor solution.


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